Me? Oh, I’m just glutton for punishment. I’m a wordsmith & marketeer by trade, with a little too much marketeer and not enough wordsmith for my taste. WordPress & I have a complicated relationship. It’s the co-worker I hate to love but love to hate. It helps me pay the bills and on a good day my job is highly rewarding. Words for a living are better than no words at all, but once upon a time, what seems like long ago, I would have told you that words and only  words would be my life. Oh, I was a daydream believer.

I freed myself from the cube some years ago. These days, I work from home. Same rat race, much more comfy cage. I wear pajamas and don’t miss suits. There’s no box to think outside of. That serves me well because I prefer circles. They’re never ending, fluid and don’t have pointy corners. They just roll, roll, roll along.

I solve problems. I answer questions. I tell people how to say things. I motivate people to buy. I build followings. I dream up crazy schemes and marketing strategies that just might make people money. Usually, they do. 😉

I have no complaints about the living I make, but still…I miss being creative. I miss the daydream. I often wish I was having some “impact” on the world. Everyone has a thumb print and needs a place to leave it, so in the time that I force to be spare… I pontificate. I create. And some time, I just waste.



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