worth the risk

We walked down the stairs of a decaying mill by the river with the sun shining in a cloudless, blue sky. Out of the corner of my eye, I glimpsed a vine creeping out of the spaces in a broken wall and climbing, or maybe cascading, along the grey, crumbling bricks. Inexplicably, I reached out and touched it…

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I do.

I live and I learn. I work so that I can play. I talk a lot, because I have a lot to say! I wish every moment felt like my happiest moments. I enjoy the place that I am in because it took so long to get here. I look before I leap, and then I […]

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I am She

The strangest thing has begun to happen. I have become she. I’m re-working old words into slightly new sentences and paragraphs, and it never occurred to me until just this week that I have told nearly every story of my life in the first person. It’s always been just a diary of sorts, but now […]

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On Giving Up Too Soon

I had this friend. I was 15 when we “met”, though when we met, we really didn’t meet. It was random. It was via the phone, one of those that was still attached to the wall, and I swear, if I tried to explain it now, you wouldn’t even believe it. It was random in […]

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Self-teaching. I’m not sure the phrase even makes any sense. The whole concept of teaching is imparting knowledge you have on others who don’t have it. I suppose it makes more sense to call it self-learning. I’m learning. I’m certainly not teaching. My teachers are YouTube, forums, and a whole trial and error. Self-learning is […]

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