Tell me there’s room

I woke up on July 9, 2016 just trying to catch my breath. It’s not that this week has been the first week in recent times that has felt overwhelming. It’s only been one of many, but each one feels heavier than the last, and I find myself thinking “worse”. It’s just gotten worse, so […]

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what isn’t racist

I am a born and bred Texas girl. I was raised in a state with, I’m certain, one of the highest populations of Hispanic immigrants, both illegal and legal. Those who know me well have probably heard me speak more than once about the deep love and respect I have for the religiously devout and hard […]

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Whose Side Are You On?

A week ago, in South Carolina, a troubled, angry, hateful person walked into a Church and committed an atrocity. In the week that has followed, I have watched people from all walks of life pointing fingers. I have heard people from all over our “nation” act in division and hostility. I have seen people who have […]

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