Tell me there’s room

I woke up on July 9, 2016 just trying to catch my breath. It’s not that this week has been the first week in recent times that has felt overwhelming. It’s only been one of many, but each one feels heavier than the last, and I find myself thinking “worse”. It’s just gotten worse, so much worse, in a place that feels so…full.

I woke up today feeling like I had opened my eyes in a world full of frustration, a world full of hate. I poured myself the same cup of coffee that I always drink to start my day, and then I drank it in this world full of disappointment. I opened up social “media” feeds to witness, live – thanks to modern technology, a world that is in chaos but making attempts at solidarity. I spent my day trying to just check out of the big picture and into the moment, but failing as I stumbled through this  world full of opinions, and feelings, and the half-organized and mostly desperate thoughts of both the open-minded and the ignorant. I spent my whole day, at the end of a long week, thinking that this world feels just plain full. Now, as I prepare to rest my head on the pillow to gather strength for yet another of these days, I only wonder if, in this world that is so full of… there is still room left for hope. Please tell me there’s still room for hope. If there’s not, we need to make it.

Perhaps we should all wake up tomorrow with just that one goal – to make room again for hope.





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