I do.

I live and I learn.

I work so that I can play.

I talk a lot, because I have a lot to say!

I wish every moment felt like my happiest moments.

I enjoy the place that I am in because it took so long to get here.

I look before I leap, and then I leap anyway!

I find more joy every day!

I hide my insecurities, my pain, and my fears, any time I want to.

I pray too often to ask for help and not often enough to offer thanks.

I walk away when I need to walk away, and run when I need to run.

I see the very best in others.

I sing like there are no buckets big enough to carry all those tunes.

I yearn for cheese cake on really bad days.

I daydream as though daydreams come true.

I want to smile always and make those I love smile always.

I cry when I am letdown by people I put faith in.

I read between the lines.

I love. I just love.

I touch everything that looks touchable. I don’t always like how it feels.

I hurt myself far more than I hurt others.

I fear failure….and success…

I hope that I always do the most right thing I can do.

I break the rules that other people try to place on me and then make my own.

I eat too many carbs!!!!!

I quit wasting my words on deaf ears and blind eyes.

I soak in hot baths when I need an exhale.

I drink not enough water and too much of everything else.

I carry my own baggage.

I stopped carrying the baggage of others.

I save myself, daily.

I hug everyone I love and anyone who needs a hug.

I am living a beautiful chapter in the middle of the tale.

I play less than I used to, but more than some.

I miss very few of the things I thought I’d never live without.

I bear the soul of a reluctant poet with an overly passionate soul.

I hold my head up high, my heart on my sleeve, and the hands of people that I love when they walk through tough times….

I forgive whole heartedly, and probably far too easily….

I drive like getting there is the best part.

I learn from every mistake and with every breath I take.

I have more love and respect than I could ever have asked for from people who matter.

I don’t play games. or lie. and i don’t believe in apologizing for behavior that you aren’t going to change.

I made promises to myself that I will not break!

I believe that the best road is not always the most direct path.

I wait for very little. Accelerators > Brakes.

I need to receive the same respect, honesty, and loyalty that I give!

I feel a million different things in a day.

I know that I am loved nearly as much as I love.

I wonder if taking the high road will ever get any easier.

I do more than I talk about doing… sometimes.

I AM beautiful, no matter what they say……….


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