What I Didn’t Learn in Kindergarten

So, everything I ever needed to know, I did not learn in kindergarten. Some things I learned better late than never.

For instance…

Orange is not now nor should it EVER be an acceptable skin tone. *shudder* Seriously, pale is better than that.

Bigger does not necessarily mean better.

The wrong man is absolutely not better than no man at all.

The wrong friend is absolutely not better than no friend at all.

Wearing what fits best will always, and I do mean always, look better than wearing what’s “in style”.

High maintenance isn’t always a bad thing. Demanding is. And needy. Needy is a very bad thing.

Maintenance does not equate ownership. Period.

Nothing equates ownership. Period.

Paid for is better than financed. 100% better. =)

Just because you can doesn’t mean you should. Sometimes, NO ONE should!

Everyone has the right to be exactly who they are, but for some people…that’s an asshole. Or psychotic.

It can’t be someone else’s fault all the time. Really. It can’t.

Karma is my second best friend. She’s just picky and likes to work in on her own damn time!

Staying at home working crossword puzzles does not make me boring. It makes me smart.

No man should groom more than a woman. No. Man.

Few people are as important as they think they. Some people are more important – usually the ones who don’t care.

There is, believe it or not, such a thing as spending too much on a pair of shoes.

Alcohol only makes you funnier if other people are drinking it.

Every inch of someone’s outside reflects something within them.

Real is better than the alternative. In every way imaginable.

Did I mention that orange is not an acceptable skin tone? *double shudder*

And, by the way, it’s 100% possible for me to have an open mind and still have an opinion. Just because I try it doesn’t mean I have to like it….. 😉

Finally… Life is not about who you know. Life is not about where you go. Life will never be about what you have. Life is not even about who you are. It is about the thumbprint you leave on others’ lives – the thumbprint you leave behind when you didn’t even realize you touched someone.


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