The City Breathes at Christmas

The thing I love the best about staying in my city during the holidays is that it feels more like my city then than at any other time of the year. It’s the remaining short break from what seems to have become and never-ending tourist season. I love to venture into downtown where the city blocks are exhaling a long awaited sigh of relief, the buildings seemingly stretching their arms.


There may be no better way to celebrate a holiday with so rich in history and tradition than to stand amongst the new buildings surrounding the old.


It amazing how different things look without the distractions of cars and people, how many things you notice that have been there all along. This Christmas was the closest I’ve walked to our capitol building, the first steps I’ve taken into Printer’s Alley in at least two years and my first visit to not one, but two beautiful Christmas trees who stand in our amazing city.

courthouse tree2



It was a beautiful day.

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