money talk

money talks, william shatner quote, money quote, financial adviceReading what I found to be a pretty interesting blog post about money making, spending, and the 40 hour work week, I thought about a conversation with a friend not too long ago.

In the kitchen, he stood talking with his first born on his hip, his wife in the other room, sitting and talking, as she is carrying their second. We were chatting about the decision they made for his wife not to return to work, the so-called sacrifices that takes, and what it really means in the grand scheme of things.

The conversation returned me while reading the post by David Cain, (Raptitude.Com), where he wrote, “There is a curious feeling of power you get when you drop a couple of twenties without a trace of critical thinking. It feels good to exercise that power of the dollar when you know it will ‘grow back’ pretty quickly anyway.”

What my friend said to me while we were discussing decisions to spend less money on things they didn’t really need at the grocery store, was that he’s always liked saving money, the way other people like spending it. It struck me that his words were almost exactly the words of David Cain, but he wasn’t talking about how powerful it felt to plop down a couple of twenties. He talked about how powerful it felt to watch the balance in the savings account grow. Interesting. Isn’t that the difference in the power over money versus the power of money? I mean, really, when you’re plopping down those two twenties for something you completely and totally don’t need, but makers, sellers, and marketers convinced you did, who’s really in power here? Why does it make you feel like YOU are?

Maybe it sounds easier than said than done, but I’m sensing a more successful life just on the other side of a perspective shift. Here’s to hoping than I can start feeling like superwoman when I watch the savings account grow.

To read more of David Cain’s point of view on making, spending, the 40 hour work week, visit his blog here. It will be worth your time.


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