The Oh, So Golden Rule

I was a precocious child. Challenge much? Daily. There are things I remember challenging like it happened just this morning. I was raised in Church, a lot of Church since I went to private school. With daily visits to the school chapel, I often joke that I went to Church 6 days week, and twice […]

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On Giving Up Too Soon

I had this friend. I was 15 when we “met”, though when we met, we really didn’t meet. It was random. It was via the phone, one of those that was still attached to the wall, and I swear, if I tried to explain it now, you wouldn’t even believe it. It was random in […]

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money talk

Reading what I found to be a pretty interesting blog post about money making, spending, and the 40 hour work week, I thought about a conversation with a friend not too long ago.

In the kitchen, he stood talking with his first born on his hip, his wife in the other room, sitting and talking, as she is carrying their second. We were chatting about the decision they made for his wife not to return to work, the so-called sacrifices that takes, and what it really means in the grand scheme of things.

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