What You Seek, You WILL Find.

It’s such a big world, and I’m just one girl trying to make sense of it all. It’s a big enough world that it is full to the brim with anything you seek. Whatever it is that you are looking for, you WILL find it. Do you want to prove that racism still exists? It’s not hard. I’ve seen it. Every time I have I’ve been shocked by it at this point in our existence, but I have definitely seen it. Are you looking for “reverse discrimination”? It abounds. Anger, hatred, frustrations, narrow mindedness, if you want to prove it’s out there, I only hope you don’t spend too much time trying to prove it, because it really shouldn’t take you long. Laziness, ignorance, an utter lack of accountability among so many in our society….

What about hope? Kindness? Loving people who strive daily to be MORE open minded instead of less? People who contribute and welcome others to contribute. People who will, without a doubt, hear your voice and truly care to hear about the experiences of another in our world? Compassion. Support. Equality. People who actually may be even LESS heard because they are so busy leading by example that they don’t take the time yell. They are wagging more and barking less. Seek them. You WILL find them. Proof that there are good people, there are good cops, there are strong and hard working families who raise their children to be the same. There are religious people who still have open minds. There are wealthy people who aren’t greedy and poor people who aren’t lazy. They are everywhere. It abounds.

Whatever you are seeking, you will find it. Whatever point you feel you need to prove to others, you can prove it. What are YOU trying to prove? What are YOU focused on? Is it positive? Or is it an excuse to fuel your anger and hatred instead of fueling your compassion and gratitude?

I have open ears, open eyes, and an open heart. I always have, but the negativity? It’s like NAILS ON A CHALKBOARD. My eyes, ears, and heart are getting tired and sore from it. 😦


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