Self-teaching. I’m not sure the phrase even makes any sense. The whole concept of teaching is imparting knowledge you have on others who don’t have it. I suppose it makes more sense to call it self-learning. I’m learning. I’m certainly not teaching. My teachers are YouTube, forums, and a whole trial and error.

Self-learning is the slow way to do things no doubt, but there is a certain pride attached to it.

2014-11-22 12.44.08Funny. My mom swears to this day that my very first complete sentence as a child was, “I do it myself” and that once I put those words together I used them. A lot. Like daily. It’s her excuse for why my clothes never matched as a toddler. When it came time to dress in the mornings, “I do it myself!” The results… independence, pride, and not looking very nice.

That said, I’ve been obsessed of late with self-learning. 40 is around the corner for me and with Life’s middle have come some realizations.

  • I don’t know everything I’d like to know.
  • I can’t do everything I’d like to do.
  • I have, for the most part, accomplished everything I’ve ever truly set my mind to… and much of it with my “I do it myself” mentality.

The results of my self-learning are much the same now as when I was a toddler. Independence and pride…and well… some of it may not look very nice, but it will, when I get better.

I want things to be my own. I’m tired of using other people’s work to express my own feelings. I wanted a new timeline cover for my FB page and I wanted it to be mine. Two new software programs and some sharp pencils on fresh new sketch paper later, I can say that I did this myself. Graphic designers pick it apart all you like, but I did that MYSELF. 🙂



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